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Get building material and construction supplies , or anything you need to get to or from your desired locations on-demand!

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Getit is an on-the-go service by providing a convenient way for you to get what you need, when you need it.

Get in touch today to learn more about our on-demand app and how you can use Getit to get the materials you need to get the job done.

Why you will choose GetIt?

We’re changing how business’ get the things they need.

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All the time.

Whatever it takes to Getit to you

Getit is a platform for any and all drivers to be available for our clients. whether you are ridding a bike, to owning a full commercial truck that you want to put in good use. Whatever is available, we’ll go get it for you

Pro Support

Getit was started from the original founders being a frustrated consumer. Our support team is here to help with our live chats from this website. Or just send us an e-mail through the app. 

Proof of Delivery

Upon each confirmation, a One Time Password will be sent to the Drop-off person’s phone number. Upon delivery, that One Time Password will be given to delivery driver.

About Getit

Getit was created for the times where,

  • Your scheduled delivery doesn’t come when you expected
  • Your scheduled delivery doesn’t come when you needed
  • You forgot that one thing?
  • You need to schedule your daily route around venders/ suppliers…like a personalized delivery service
  • You employ extra resources to pick-up the pieces
Frequently asked Questions

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from FAQ!

After you choose a Pick-up location, Drop-off location, and appropriate transporter for your needs. A form will come up before confirming the job. This form will ask for the “Drop-Off Person”. You will be able to provide the person you are sending the Getit to their number so they can stay in contact. You also will be able to give a brief description, so the Getit driver has an idea of who they are looking for.

If you want us to pick-up an order, place the order ahead of time. Obtain an Order number or Purchase order. Open Getit, and chose the appropriate transporter. Search for the “Pick-Up Location”. Then let us know where we need to take it by searching the address/location in the “Drop-Off Location”. A list of simple questions to help us help you will be presented. The nearest Getit transporter will go get it for you. 

If you want us to get something from someone, follow all the steps above except no order is placed. We just got get it. 

No, Getit was started to help contractors reduce overhead and logistic issues for the things needed throughout the day. With our app and features. You will be able to give instructions to pick up anything. We also have a chat feature within the app, which will allow you to talk to your Getit driver and give on-demand instructions.  With curbside pick-up and order numbers. Getit can get anything you need. Just chose the appropriate vehicle to accommodate your need. 

Yes, download the Getit Driver App. Follow all the steps. It will ask for your drivers license or ID, and Getit will verify your application to start making money. 

After a job is accepted, a One Time Password is provided. The driver will ask for this password upon delivery. If the Drop-off person, does not provide the correct code, the driver will not be able to complete his job for you through the app.


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Getit was created by a team of people who believed there should be an easier way to “Get Things” throughout your day. From experience, business is sometimes dependent On Tangible Goods. The founders of Getit started in The Construction Industry. They constantly found themselves either wasting time waiting for a scheduled delivery, hiring more help to “run errands” to combat the unexpected or leaving the job site during valuable production time to solve material needs and problems. All things that cost time at an unplanned and premium expense.

Getit is the easy, on-demand solution that saves time, money and resources…whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We’ve separated different vehicles to accommodate the size of materials that are needed – all at your fingertips. Getit will allow you to see your delivery through the app in real time by tracking your transporter. Get a better grasp on when you are getting your delivery – do no more time wasted guessing. Getit has even made it easier to send your materials and/or tools to other people or jobs instantaneously.

And the service isn’t just for those in the construction industry. Whether your a law firm needing documents delivered across town in 30 minutes, or an architect needing model approval or a photographer needing props in real time…whatever your industry Getit is your on-demand pickup and delivery service. You never have to worry about having an account with a costly messenger service or paying a surcharge for fast delivery.

  • Getit Makes Ordering Your Pick-Up and Drop-off Easy and Clear for Your Getit Driver to Deliver with Pre-Planned Fields to Fill.
  • Ever Been Asked a Description Of Who You Are Delivering Too?
  • Wish The Driver Had a Number to Call So They Don’t Call You?
  • Have Notifications Ahead of Time Before a Driver Tells You Or Drop Off Location, They Are There?
  • Have a P.O or Order # to Reference?
  • This will Help the Driver Reference Your Order So There is No Confusion. It Will Also Help Your Accounting Department Referencing An Order.